We often get asked by our clients for Cabinet painting tips and care! Most people have a working professional-paint-cabinetsknowledge of how to paint walls (get a roller, get some paint, you get the picture) but cabinets seem to make everyone nervous. While our first piece of advice is to HIRE a professional, there isn’t any reason you should be scared of those cabinets! Replacing your old peeling or outdated paint can help add extra value to your home or business! If you keep our professional tips in mind, it will help your cabinet painting or refinishing job look beautiful!

  1. Know your surface! This is important! When painting kitchen cabinets you need to know what material they are made from! Painting laminate cabinets will not last nearly as long as painting wooden ones.You can rough up any surface with sandpaper and the paint will adhere much better even if your cabinets are not wood.
  2. Careful prep work is key! As with most home repair, doing the proper prep work is the key to success!  Start the cabinet painting by a thorough cabinet cleaning! Remove all the excess dirt and grime from the cabinets. DON’T paint around the knobs, remove them! Make sure to use tape and seal of the non paint surfaces. If you follow these tips it will make your painting job look much more professional and last longer.
  3. SAND those cabinets! I mentioned this earlier but wanted to reiterate: paint needs a rough surface to adhere to and sanding any material makes the paint adhere better. After you finish cleaning the cabinets give them a quick sanding. It adds a level of professionalism most DIY miss!
  4. Don’t skip the primer! This is probably the biggest mistake we see on home jobs! Top coat paint is designed to work in tandem with a primer! It covers holes and improves paint adhesion. Skipping the primer gives your painting job a less professional look and removes life from your new paint. Don’t do it! If painting from dark to light, make sure and tint your primer, and always avoid the primer-paint mixtures.
  5. Premium paint is premium for a reason. No one (us included) likes buying expensive paint. It is so tempting to buy the 14.88 a gallon stuff at Walmart! But new cabinet painting is an investment! You are adding both beauty and value to your home. Don’t skimp out on the paint, premium paint is worth it we promise!
  6. The harder the finish the better! Remember, this is your kitchen or bathroom. You need the cabinetsCabinet Painting Tips! paint to last through a lot of bleach and wiping! Use the hardest satin paint you can find and don’t even consider flat paint!

These few simple tips will help get more life and vibrance out of your cabinet painting job. Just remember that a little bit of prep and care goes a long way! Painting is an art form and doing the job right adds beauty and love to your home. Don’t take the short quick way! Show your home that you love it, and your new cabinet painting job will be great! Don’t be scared to ask me for a quote! We might be a perfect fit for your professional painting job!