I’m often asked about choosing the right paint for home interior and exterior jobs.

choosing the right paintAll paint is not created equal! There’s a huge variety in types, sheens, and qualities to wade through and it can be a bit overwhelming! Like in most things “choice” oriented, knowing what you want and are looking for will help make the choice simpler! If you need help in color consulting or paint choices feel free to ask me! I’m always available for a consult and love helping people choose their new home colors!

Your first choice is type of paint. Latex is used for about 85% of interior and exterior jobs. The paint is known for true color correction, and is long lasting. It also breathes better then oil, resulting in less blistering. There is a big caveat however. If you are painting¬†real wood moldings oil is a much better choice! It tends to seal the wood better then latex, and gets a more “full” look when painted. Just keep in mind it takes longer to dry then latex, and is more labor intensive.

Once you have chosen the appropriate paint for the job, you need to choose your sheen. There are typically 4¬†levels of sheen: Gloss, Semi-gloss, Satin, and Eggshell. Which one works best for you depends on your family! Glossy paint is much easier to clean and I always recommend it for kitchens and homes with kids! You can clean glossy paint with a wet rag, the weapon of choice for that spaghetti your kid just threw on the wall! Semi-gloss does much the same job but brings down the sheen level a bit. Its best used for connecting rooms to the kitchen, to keep the unified glossy look. Satin paint looks stunning, and typically covers wall imperfections really well. The most common used interior paint, satin typically only takes one coat so it tends to be more cost effective as well. Eggshell paint is very flat, and is designed to naturally accent the color of the chosen paint. Very stark and “modern” eggshell paint is best used for bedrooms and well lit open spaces.

Type of paint? Check! Sheen? Check! On to quality!

The hardest choice to define, paint quality directly impacts it’s look and longevity. Using cheap paint almost always results in drips, blisters, and off color sheens.Choosing the right paint Using the most expensive paint is often overkill too, when you just need your walls painted a faint color! How do you choose the best paint? It almost always comes down to moderation. First, you need to identify what is most important to you: Longevity or color. Once you’ve chosen it makes the choices a lot easier! When looking to purchase paint, buy either a “color-lock” paint, or a primer included latex. They both provide different functions, but those specific titles will keep you out of the bargain bin!

The last step we want to cover today is actual colors! The purpose of paint (other then protection) is to establish different moods in the house. Color consulting is a real industry, and the colors you choose can deeply effect your life and home! If your looking to sell the home, paint colors very close to off-white. It helps to “de-personalize” your home, allowing your buyers to see it as their “dream” home. Want a subtle and soothing look? Light shades of blue are perfect for you, and will tie the entire home together for a soothing shade. More interested in elegance? Neutral shades naturally pull your eyes to the features of your home, such as that gorgeous couch or your grand piano. A lot of time and consideration typically goes into color shading, and you want to ensure you love the colors you choose! Choosing the right paint will help you love your home, and ensure it is protected for whatever life throws at you!