The Great Expectations Painting Deck Staining Primer!

Part 2 (of several, deck staining properly takes a lot of work)

Deck StainingOur deck staining primer will cover everything you need to know to have your deck looking amazing! Most DIY-ers and even contractors don’t take the steps to properly prep, coat, and seal your deck. With most things there is the “right” way to do the job, and thats what our deck staining primer will teach you! This week will cover choosing stain!

Deck stain is what gives color or “pop” to your deck. In addition to color and personality, stain also seals and protects your deck from the elements giving you longevity, and a custom deck look! The market is saturated with different choices for colors, finishes, and qualities. In this post we will go over some of the different types of stains, and which to choose for your particular deck!

Step two: Deck Stain are a million choices for deck staining! Different products, finishes, colors,…the list is literally endless! There are a few crucial choices you will want to make that help to identify the best stain for YOU.

First, identify what is most important to you: “color or protection.” If the natural look of wood is most important, they make clear stains that preserve the natural appearance of the wood. On the flip side, they also offer the least UV protection and longevity. Solid color stains completely change the color of your deck, but provide amazing protection and longevity for the stain. There are also several middle ground products (called semi-transparent stains and toners) that offer a mix of clear and solid stain downsides/benefits. Once you identify what is most important, you can choose which type of stain is best for your deck!

deck stainingThe other large consideration to make is how the deck interacts with your house color! When choosing a deep color stain, you need to make sure it will compliment your house color, instead of conflict! Deep color stained decks do not compliment neutral home colors! In contrast, natural wood does not complement deeply hued home colors! Make sure your deck staining complements the home as a whole!

Last consideration for this weeks post on deck staining: texture.

Recently, technology in deck stain has jumped dramatically forward. There are now some amazing products for decks that can allow you to add a fully textured product to your deck surface! This can change the color, and footing of your deck for the better! They come in a huge variety of colors, and are easy to apply. If you have an older deck with aging wood, or want to have a colored easy footing deck, gritted paint will work incredibly well for you! Home Depot offers many of these products, and we would recommend any but the cheapest (the grit is to small to notice).

Thats all for this weeks post! Tune in next week for more of our deck staining primer! To read our other deck care articles, click here!