The Great Expectations Painting Deck Staining Primer!

Part 4 (and…were done!)

deck staining primerOur deck staining primer will cover everything you need to know to have your deck looking amazing! Most DIY-ers and even contractors don’t take the steps to properly prep, coat, and seal your deck. With most things there is the “right” way to do the job, and thats what our deck staining primer will teach you! This week will cover clean-up!

By this point you have prepped, cleaned, and stained your beautiful deck. Now its time to carefully clean your deck. There are several key tips to ensuring your deck shows the beautiful work you’ve put into it! This will conclude our primer, and your deck will look flawless!

Step Four: Clean-Up and Disposal

deck staining primerBy this point (if you kept your yard clean) you have a fair amount of trash to throw away. Some of that trash is empty paint or stain cans and you need to properly dispose of harsh chemicals. DO NOT pour the stain down a storm drain or your own drain! There are tons of icky chemicals that will damage your plumbing system and the environment! You can always check with a local painting store (our favorite is Sherwin Williams). Most of the time they will take empty cans and dispose of them properly.

When you have left over stain (often kept for touch-up) make sure to store it properly. It needs to be sealed, stored below 90 degrees, and saved from freezing. Also, make sure your kiddos can’t find the stain! You can also donate the stain to charitable organizations. One of them is Freecycle. They will take your donation and put it to good use! Another great charity is PaintCare. They will take your paint and dispose of it properly and safely for the environment.

After you have parted ways with (or stored) your old stain, you can finish the deck job! After it has had enough time to dry, simply wash off your deck with water out of the hose! It will show the beautiful grain of the wood, quality of your stain, and it feels great under the feet!

This concludes the Great Expectations Painting Deck Staining Primer! If you’re looking for an expert, drop us a line! We can’t wait to hear from you! To read our other deck care articles, click here!