The Great Expectations Painting Deck Staining Primer!

Part 1 (of several, deck staining properly takes a lot of work)

Deck Staining PrimerOur deck staining primer will cover everything you need to know to have your deck looking amazing! Most DIY-ers and even contractors don’t take the steps to properly prep, coat, and seal your deck. With most things there is the “right” way to do the job, and thats what our deck staining primer will teach you! This week will cover deck staining preparation!

Arguably the most important part of any deck staining project, you must properly prep the deck for staining. This includes choosing the correct cleaning products, stain, and tools. Starting your deck stain correctly insures you will get the maximum amount of life from the products possible. By doing careful preparation, you are actively saving money!

We all like saving money, right?

Step one: Cleaning products.

Deck Staining PrimerThere are tons of cleaning products on the market. After a huge amount of trial and error, you’ll find you only need 2 things: a stain remover, and a finish remover. Stain remover pulls the chemicals from your last stain off the deck, allowing for better penetration of the new stain. If you don’t power wash and apply stain remover, you won’t get proper adhesion from your new stain. This will cost you half the life of the new stain. The specific product you choose doesn’t matter as much as you think, just apply liberally and power wash thoroughly.

Equally important is a finish remover. Finish remover basically “restores” your deck to how it looked when you installed it. It pulls all the surface coating from the wood, and allows you to “start from scratch.” Often overlooked (who wants to clean a deck twice) this will extend the life of the new stain, AND get you a more consistent stain color! There are a few products on the market for finish remover, but we typically use Sherwin William’s offering revive. Its great for the money, and does a fantastic job. Keep in mind that saving money is entirely up to you! There isn’t a specific product you must use, so feel free to “coupon cut” and find the best deal! Just make sure you use both stages and your deck will look great!

Deck Staining PrimerNotice: If your deck is composite or untreated pressure-treated wood!

Make sure and use a deck wash product instead of the above listed products. Composite and untreated wood typically isn’t coated with the same types of products, and the remover products are overkill! If you have a composite deck just buy a deck wash, and pressure wash thoroughly! Your deck will look amazing and be fully prepped for the staining!

That takes care of step on in our deck staining primer! Stay tuned for next weeks post on choosing your stain! To read our other deck care articles, click here!