ApplicationWe’re finally to our fence’s application time!

Application is the last step in properly painting your fence. Thus far we’ve covered all the preparation and priming. Now is time to finish up with your paint or stain application. Truth be told, this is the easiest step in the process! When you are ready to apply your paint or stain, just keep these few steps in mind, and the job will end up looking amazing.

  1. Spraying. While you can use other methods to paint your fence (brush, roll, etc.), spraying is by far the most effective method of paint application. This will also allow you to back brush (explained later) creating the most thorough and uniform coverage on your fence. Renting a sprayer from one of our local companies is really affordable and the results will be worth it. When spraying you want to ensure a very thick application of stain or paint. This will help create a uniform look later, and will make sure and seal your fence.
  2. Allow enough time to dry. One of the pro steps! After you spray the fence you need to allow the paint or stain 5-10 minutes to dry. There are several reasons for this brief drying time. First, the paint needs to be tacky for proper fence adherence. This ensures enough stain or paint absorbs into the fence. Secondly, allowing a drying time ensures all your paint (or especially stain) keep the same color. When applying a liberal coating to the fence, you can’t naturally control the amount of stain on each section of the fence (you did apply liberally on purpose after all). Equalizing the drying time makes it so each fence section absorbs the same amount of stain! Don’t skimp on your drying time, this will keep the job looking professional.
  3. ApplicationBack Brushing. After you have specifically applied “to much” paint to the fence, you need to remove the additional product. This process is called back brushing. After a timed drying, you take a roller (or brush, or paper towel it doesn’t matter to much) and brush off the additional product. With the correct drying time, the adequate amount of product will already have absorbed into the wood, and you will just be brushing off “extra” product. This allows you to create an even temper of stain for the whole project.

Once your done spraying and back brushing, your stain or paint application will start to set! After drying, your fence is finished! Next week we will cover paint and stain care for your fence. To read more from our fencing series, check out the archives here!

See you next week!