The most important part of a new paint job, are your paint choices!

fence paintingThe specific paint choices you make will determine longevity, aesthetic, and ease of application. The different types of paint/stain to use depend on whether your fence is new or old. Wood that has been stained/treated several times needs different treatment then a brand new fence. We’ll start with a new fence. You have just finished putting up your gorgeous, new fence and now its time to paint it! The single best paint/stain to use is oil based clear stain. Oil based stain is easy to apply, is cost effective, and has an amazing manufacturers warranty. It also applies color very smoothly, resulting in a professional application without the cost. If you want to paint the fence, make sure and choose a “lifetime” fence product. A recent addition to painting products, lifetime paints are amazing. They apply incredibly smoothly and look great. The best part about “lifetime” paints is the warranty: with proper application these paints will last dozens of years! In the past it was impossible to have paint look great even after a few years of the sun baking it. Take advantage of these great products on your next fence painting job!

If your not painting a perfectly prepped new fence, you will have followed our previous steps. After the fence is carefully prepped, you need to make sure and choose a product that is going to make the wood look more vibrant. The best choice is solid color stain. It lasts a long time, and is great at covering up previous products that remained after prepping. Application is generally easy. You will want to make sure and catch the stain with a pan as it drips under the fence (environmental consciousness for the win). We don’t want wildlife licking up the left over stain! Another great solution if the wood will not look beautiful stained is “lifetime” paint (can’t exclaim how much we love this paint). Just like with a new fence painting, the lifetime paint will revitalize your older fence, making it look new and uniform.

When you are making your paint choices, ensure you avoid using odd transparent stains especially on older fences. Usually you will have some remedial stain, and it will create spotting with your new stain. You can avoid any issues by using our above recommended stains.

Where almost there! Next week we will cover paint application. See you soon! To read more from our fencing series, check out the archives here!