The Great Expectations Painting Siding Repair Guide!

If you own a house, you’re probably familiar with siding repair. Regardless of how careful you are with your home, the unrelentingness of the sun will damage your siding. There are steps to avoiding damage with your paint selection, but its inevitable! Here is our guide to set up for repairing damaged siding and if you have additional questions, don’t forget to drop us a line!

  1. BE CAREFUL! Before we launch fully into our siding repair tips, we want to start with a warning. The damage to your home’s siding isn’t always visible! When you initially remove the siding, make sure and carefully pull the boards back to fully survey the damage. The last thing you need is extra repair costs from lack of care!
  2. Don’t Use Power tools! Power tools make jobs so much easier, most people don’t give using them a second thought. When doing delicate work (like removing damaged siding), don’t use your vibrating and overly powerful tools! The nails in the siding will have loosened over the years, making removal very simple. Just take your hammer or cat’s paw, and gently pull back the siding. It will come away easily, making management of the project much safer!

Enjoy the Video!