Choosing a color for your interior paint project can put a lot of pressure on you. This is the color you’ll be looking at every single day for (hopefully) a very long time! All of the different colors, sheens, and brands available can seem overwhelming at first. But with these tips, we hope you’ll be able to choose your colors with confidence!

Where do I start?

There’s a lot of colors out there. That being said, the easiest way to choose your perfect interior paint color is to start with colors that you love. When you pick your very favorite colors, you aren’t trapped within the confines of traditional color schemes. By using a unique and personal color, you can create your own color palette that is unique to you and doesn’t look common or boring.

Look for inspiration

Magazines and catalogs are great sources of inspiration and information. Home improvement stores have been using these for decades to help spark colorful ideas in their clients. More modernly, the internet is the best place to search for color ideas. Pinterest, instagram, and even Google images are great places to start your hunt on the perfect color scheme.

Get Creative With Neutrals

Neutrals don’t have to be blah. You can bring beautiful life to a neutral palette by being creative with how the colors are used. Consider stripes and texture to add style while keeping the room relaxed. Neutrals leave lots of room for fun decorations without looking visually overwhelming. Some homeowners like to paint the walls with neutral colors and use a brighter pigment on the ceiling. This is a subtle way to bring excitement to an otherwise mild room.

Use a Print

Have a favorite comforter, pillow, or rug? Use it to design your color scheme! Using your favorite pattern as a focal point for the room is a great way to tie the space together. It is also a sneaky way to draw attention to the best parts of the room. You can take a fabric swatch to the paint store, or bring the whole thing! Choose the brightest colors in the print for accent walls, or the smaller details of the fabric for a larger space.

Find Your Color in Art

This is a trick used by successful interior designers. Choose colors from artwork. You can choose colors directly from the piece, or create a unique color scheme using complimentary colors. Take a photo of your artwork to match at the paint store to be sure you get it right the first time. You will be amazed at how the space comes together!

Sample, sample, sample

Arguably the most important tip on this page, this one should be considered a rule. Never skip sampling your paint colors. You may be surprised at how different paint will look on your walls and under the lighting of your home during different times of the day. Paint also tends to look much different when it dries, depending on the type of wall you are using it on. When you are spending this much money and time on a project, you want it to be right the first time. Do NOT skip this step. If you go to the back of any paint store, you will find stacks of cans of returned paints from those people who didn’t sample before they committed. You don’t want to be one of them.

Use A Color Consultant

There is a lot to know about color. If you find yourself doubting your knowledge and would prefer professional help, don’t be afraid to reach out to experts. Our amazing color consultants are more than happy to you at any step in your progress. They will consider the lighting of your home, the architecture, and your personal style to choose the perfect colors for you. We can provide paint ideas to sample, all the way to a custom-designed color palette for your entire home, interior and exterior. Feel free to contact us any time for a free estimate!