Trying to decide on the best colors for the interior for your house may seem overwhelming. When trying to come up with ideas for the right colors for your project, don’t try to design the house all at once. The first step is to choose the paint for the central living space. This includes the main room, and hallways. It can also include rooms such as the dining and kitchen, depending on whether those rooms are a part of the whole living area or not. That will allow you to branch out into the individual rooms such as a bedroom or bathroom. It’s almost always recommended to use a neutral color for the walls of your connected spaces like the main hallway to the living room, etc. However, neutral doesn’t always mean bland. The main spaces provide a background to which you can add personalizing details. The most common neutral schemes include white, beige, tan and gray. With that being said, light blues, yellows, and greens are also considered “neutral-ish” hue options by most designers. Following are some tips to help you pick the neutral that is right for you. Picking the neutral you want is the most important choice.

Choosing a neutral to match your family

Choosing a neutral color to match your family is a way to make your home feel warm. Every home is different and the right toned paint creates an inspirational space for the rest of the decor. To get started you will need to be ready to find the color option that describes your family’s mood. The color descriptions listed below will help you identify the best paint scheme for your home.

White — is a fresh shade and adds a minimalist, crispness to the home. It is also versatile. When paired with strong bold accents it provides perfect clear lines. White is also classic and modern.
Tan and Beige — shades are very popular options. Tans and Beige hues offer an earthly feeling with calming stability. They are stylish but not flashy.
Gray — is the most modern color of the choices. A cool gray is great for work spaces and says technology and professionalism.
Yellow — adds an energetic and cheerful tone to a home. Yellow awakens creativity and radiates positive energy.
Blue — colors are associated with water and sky, and add a sense of tranquility. The blue palette is very soft, welcoming and natural.
Green — is a very recent add-on to the neutrals list. As a new trend, olive or sage green is becoming more popular. It’s very organic feeling and soothing. It is a stunning, nature inspired hue that is great for indoor colors. It’s pleasant with a hint of off-beat newness.

You can add more colors to your space by painting the ceiling, trim, or a favorite or dark color to an accent wall. When using any of the palettes listed above as a backdrop to the house, you will be inspired in decorating the rest of your home. A properly painted house can create a less stressful environment and bring the personality you want to your home.

Adding a new coat of paint to the old walls of your home gives it a new look and can make you love your home again. You will see, with the right colors for your home, the results will be amazing. Call us today to be sure to get all your paint needs covered! (208)-500-8092.