We often get asked for our professional interior painting tips! There are specific ways pros do jobs that areInterior-Paint-1 not obvious! Following our simple instructions will help your painting last longer and be more professional. Interior painting has become a real “DIY” hub and we want you to succeed in beautifying your home! Make sure before you undertake a new painting project to ask for a quote! Our pricing may shock you, and it could be just as affordable to pay us to do a professional job! If not, here are some tips to get you started!

  1. Carefully fill holes in the surface! The MOST important part of any interior painting job is prep work. EVERY single hole or scratch mark must be filled in! Interior Painting Tips!
  2. Carefully Scrape all the gunk off the surface! After filling in all the holes, you need to make sure the surface is clean! Paint does not hide holes or surface gunk and long term gunk can make your paint peel! No one likes this part of the job but it ensures your paint lasts a long time and looks beautiful. Don’t be lazy, skipping this step can ruin your painting job!
  3. Tint your primer. An often overlooked step, this really helps the color of your new paint to come through. Primer typically serves several important purposes. Firstly, It blocks stains from fading through your paint. Secondly, it helps with paint adhesion (stopping blisters and runs). Thirdly, it allows for one coat of paint, saving you a drastic amount of money! Mixing a little of the finish color into the primer will help your specific colors to come out with one coat of finish paint!
  4. Don’t be cheap protecting your floors! Spend the extra money for canvas rather then plasticInterior Painting Tips! drop covers! Everyone drips paint on the floor! No matter how good you are it will happen. When it happens plastic covers simply isolate the paint for the floor and create a mess. Canvas covers absorb the paint, keeping it from being a potential disaster! Long term, you will need to paint again and the canvas covers will last a lifetime. Don’t be cheap! This will save you longterm heartache!
  5. Buy a telescoping paint pole. Using a step ladder is tedious, and hard on your back. Telescoping poles have become incredibly cheap and there is no Interior Painting Tips!reason to use a step ladder for a typical paint job! Make sure it telescopes to at least 36″ so you can comfortably paint a 9′ ceiling. Trust me, this is the way to go.
  6. Use a paint grid, not a rolling pan. Pans are a messy, unprofessional, expensive way to paint! Don’t use them! Painting grids fit into a 5 gallon bucket and are a much more efficient way to use your roller!
  7. The secret to next day painting! If you don’t finish all your painting the first day DON’T PANIC! There is a secret to keeping your painting materials fresh and it doesn’t require cleaning! Simply tap shut the paint, and plastic wrap your rollers. Make sure they are tightly sealed and double wrapped. Then put them in the refrigerator. The next day they will be ready to go and the paint will not had dried!

We know that is a large list of interior painting tips but we want your job to look professional instead of DIY! If your interested in having a professional evaluate your home for a painting job, GIVE ME A CALL!  We offer no obligation FREE consultations on how best to paint your home. Even if your just looking for advice give me a call! We both want your home to be beautiful for years to come!