Late Season Painting: How late should you paint?

Late Season Painting

Every year we do late season painting. We always get clients who are trying to avoid the rush of summer, and push their painting back until fall. We wanted to give just a couple tips to our blog readers on how late to paint! The most important part of late season painting (of course) is the weather! Modern paint is quite adaptable to damage once it has dried, however you need to be careful with late season applications. To much humidity will not allow the paint to adhere to the surface, which can cause peeling. Painting if its to cold, won’t allow the paint to fully develop and adhere, potentially affecting the paints seal on your home. If you are going to paint late in the season, it needs to be a non humid, sunny day (or few days)!

Use High Quality Paint.

Late Season PaintingRegardless of the exterior temperature, the exterior painting will correctly adhere with the weather on your side. Plan to pain when the forecast looks beautiful and the weather looks nominal. When you are late season painting, you need to use higher quality paint. Cheaper paint doesn’t have the sealing or adaptable of high quality paint. When your are looking to paint late in the season, the paint needs to be able to adapt to the exterior temperature and still properly apply. Higher quality paint is designed to adhere in different temperatures, and won’t have peeling the way a cheaper paint will.

Start Early!

The last tip is to only take on short projects. No matter what you do, dew will develop later at night in temperatures under 50 degrees. This means you NEED to have your project done 4 hours prior to the evening. The secret is to start REALLY EARLY! Sprayed paint will only take a few hours to dry, especially after the priming coat. Getting done mid afternoon with proper drying time will get the paint to really stick, even with late season painting. We could go on for hours, but these few basic tips should keep you out of trouble as the season develops. Good luck and get ready for the snow!