When driving in the winter, you need to take some extra steps to ensure your safety! Winter gets super cold up here, and being prepared can make the difference in a winter storm. In the past few weeks we have covered your home and family. This week we will give you a few helpful tips to ensure you stay safe while driving this winter!

  1. drivingWinterize your vehicle. ¬†While some cars and trucks require special care (anything that gets cold and requires diesel will fall into this category), most gas powered vehicles don’t require much winterizing. Keep your gas tank full, and make sure switch your wiper fluid to “cold weather.” Depending on how cold it can be where you live, you might also look into specialty fluids, although they are almost never needed. Keep the tank full, and you will be fine!
  2. Put together a supply kit. With ample space in our car trunks, you should make sure and have an emergency supply kit whenever you are driving. The sell these in most big box stores for about 20.00, but if you want to put together your own, most contain the following:
    1. Emergency blanket and heat packs
    2. Water (at least a 3 day supply)
    3. Food (non perishable, easy to heat)
    4. A flashlight
    5. Basic Medication
    6. Multi-Purpose tool
    7. Extra Cash
    8. Warm clothes.
  3. Be Careful. Now, we know we’re not your mom, however someone needs to say it! No matter how much experience you have driving in the snow and cold, you need to be careful. Ice makes it very dangerous to drive in the winter time and you can never really be sure how much ice is on the road. Just make sure your paying attention (put away the cell phone) and you aren’t driving to fast. While there are tons of “tips” for winter weather, nothing can compensate for being careful and using common sense!

As we get closer to Christmas and the holidays, the Great Expectations team wants to give you a warm seasons greetings, and stay safe this holiday season!