Normally on the Great Expectations blog, we talk painting.

North Idaho WeatherWe really do love painting. Helping people meet their interior/exteior designing dreams, while ensuring a job done right brings a huge smile to our faces. When we come up with our “avoid horrible things” tips, they are heartfelt and really will save your painting job. Everyone once in a while (as a painter, every once in a while means “winter”) we like to pause and reflect on the important parts of life. Your home, cars, pets, sure…however family is where the heart truly lies! This week rather then telling you the best way to keep your paint safe, we are going to give you some warm cozy advice for prepping for winter! If one blog post isn’t enough for your cold weather preparedness needs, feel free to check out this great resource here. They have a ton of useful information in their years of archives!

Cold Weather Tips

  1. North Idaho WeatherKeep an ear out for winter weather warnings. The National Weather Service does a fantastic job warning people about dangerous winter weather. There are typically 2 different danger designations: Winter Storm warnings, and Blizzard Warnings. A winter storm typically includes snow fall and ice buildup, predicted to hit in the next 24-48 hours. A Blizzard warning means there will be whiteout conditions within 3 hours. You will want to avoid traveling during a blizzard warning, but usually have some time to prepare for a winter storm. During the winter storm, make sure and avoid extreme physical exertion, and creating body sweat. If the cold sticks around, it will be difficult for you to get dry again! Plan to stay inside with the family. Play a game or watch tv, it will be safer in the long run!
  2. There are a few items you will always want to have on hand as you prepare for North Idaho Weather. Rock salt (or something more environmentally friendly) is a must! You will also want sand for traction, and a snow shovel for clearing off your walkways. We also keep a box in the garage that includes extra blankets and warm clothes for the family. While loosing electricity is uncommon, it has happened before! The name of the game in preparedness is preparation. Making sure you have just a few items prepared will keep you and your family safer this winter!
  3. Don’t forget about the pets! When the cold hits, make sure to bring your pets inside and out of the storm. We know people have outside animals (chickens, horses, goats, etc) and they have an innate sensibility about being outside. Dogs and cats however, have lost the natural survival ability, and will typically need to be brought inside! Don’t leave your best friend outside in the cold!
  4. Make a family emergency plan. This is the most important single step in North Idaho Weather preparation! Telling your family where to be and what to do in case of a storm ensures everyone stays safe!

We hope our few winter prep tips have been helpful to your family! Just remember to stay safe as we move into the winter months. You won’t regret putting just a little bit of work into keeping your family safe. Take care, and enjoy Christmas!

~The Great Expectations Painting Team