cold-air-freezing-chillyNorth Idaho weather preparation is important to ensure your home remains undamaged throughout the cold months. Up here it tends to get cold really quickly and this year will be no different (although it did stay warm for an extended amount of time!
Taking just a few steps to winterize your home can have a dramatic impact on your siding, decks, and paint! Here are just a few tips North Idaho weather preparation tips!

Prepare your home for winter!

  1. Check your Attic! Before the cold hits is a great time to check for leaks, and proper ventilation. It is WAY to hot to crawl up in the attic during the summer months, yet the winter months are great for attic maintenance. Make sure your home is 100% ready for winter with a quick trip “up north.”
  2. Clean out the gutters. They do a great job of keeping rain off your house, however of leaves and gunk will accumulate in there! Make sure and get it all out by hiring a professional, or getting the kids on the ladders. This will help keep your gutters from breaking when the winter snow hits and puts additional stress on them!
  3. Stop putting off the extra insulation! Throwing some more insulation in the attic, or finishing the basement will keep your family warmer, AND put more money in the bank. Its a win-win!
  4. Blow out your sprinklers. DON’T FORGET TO GET YOUR SPRINKLERS CLEARED! For 30.00, a professional will make sure your system is drained of water. If you forget (or are to lazy, it happens) you will be looking at a 1500+ dollar bill come spring time! Save yourself a serious headache and get those sprinklers cleared!
  5. Consider a water heater blanket. Depending on the placement of your home’s water heater, a blanket might be a great investment. Consult with your nearest home expert on whether you would benefit from a hot water heater blanket!
  6. Close the fireplace flue! It costs tons of energy to keep it open, especially when there isn’t a fire!

We could spend the rest of the weekend writing small tips, but these are the biggies. Feel free to ask the guys at Home Depot for their advice too! New products and ideas show up on the market all the time! Enjoy your weekend, and get ready for turkey day!

~The Great Expectations Painting Team