painting in springPainting in spring requires a bit of extra finesse! The weather changes from raining to super sunny can cause havoc on your new paint! Most people love painting in spring. The temperature is just starting to rise, birds start singing, kids start playing outside, its great! Follow these simple steps to make your painting in spring successful!

  1. Exterior painting should only be done in temperatures above 50 degrees. Exterior painting in spring is great and you need to make sure the temperature stays warm while the paint dries. This will help create a better seal for the paint and maximize the paint’s lifetime.
  2. Don’t paint while it’s windy outside! This should be self explanatory. The enemy of any great paint job is drips and wind will create lateral paint blisters. When Painting in spring make sure to check the weather forecast and only paint on a calm sunny day!
  3. Check for “just the right amount” of sunlight! Painting in spring and summer is a bit like goldilocks. You need to find a day that is warm and not too sunny or cold! Remember the paint surface temperature will be about 20 degrees hotter then the outside temperature, and this can cause your paint to poorly adhere or worse! Make sure (again, check the weather forecast) the temperature is not going to have a huge amount of variance and you should be fine!painting in spring
  4. Keep your eyes open for potential repairs. There is no better time to fix your exterior nicks and crannies then while your painting! Before you start to strip the existing paint, make sure to fill any holes or damage on your homes exterior. Your house will love you for it!
  5. Spring painting will help motivate you for spring cleaning! There is just something magical about the “newness” that painting in spring creates! Other then increasing your home value, it seems to get our blood flowing and will help launch you into spring cleaning mode!

I could go on forever! Painting in spring is a rewarding and fun experience. Wether you are looking to paint your residential home, or a large commercial building remember to have fun! Spring is in the air! Feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions! Property owners looking to fill their properties this spring should contact us at CDA Real Estate Investment & Property Management!