Preparing your home for new painting.

Preparing your home for new painting.Finally! The cold weather is starting to break! We were beginning to wonder if a permanent tundra had taken over North Idaho and we would never see the sun again! Without the snow on the ground, we can again recognize concrete, houses, plants, trees, and animals! Its a great feeling! Soon we will all be back outside enjoying the beautiful town we live in!

The better weather also means were closing in on painting season! Have you been looking to refresh the exterior of your home? Maybe you want to update your interior colors to “modernize” a bit? Either way, here are a few tips to prepare you for the new season!

Plan to start early. This year, Great Expectations Painting is already booking out 6 weeks! That means if you want to get your painting job completed in a reasonable amount of time, we need to get you booked soon! Interior painting jobs we typically save for later in the year; its all about getting the exteriors kicked on from now till the summer months. We always give out discounts for interior paint jobs later in the year as well, so if you can wait, you will get a better price.

Preparing your home for new painting.When looking to paint the exterior of your home, make sure you already know what paint colors you want. This will save us time re-bidding the job, and saves any coloring mistakes from happening. We never mark up the cost of paint on a job, so when you provide us the colors you want to use, we will just purchase the paint (with our discount) and include the price in the work bid. Saves a ton of time, and you won’t need to pay us to pick out the colors!

While we are doing your painting exterior, we can also knock out some of those annoying projects you just don’t want to handle! We do all sorts of construction projects at incredibly good prices. If your back fence needs repaired BEFORE being repainted just let us know! We can add the additional work onto your bid, and it will be cheaper then you think. We often get clients that add-on 2-3 projects just to get them out of the way!

While we are preparing your home for new painting, keep in mind the above and we will get your project handled in the professional, GEP way!