Pressure WashFall is here, and with it, a build-up of leaves, sticks, moss, mud and other debris. Before things start to freeze, pressure washing can be a good way to clean up before the winter snows arrive. Great Expectations Painting in Coeur d’Alene offers pressure washing services to any size property that needs it!

Why So Much Pressure?

When you force your thumb over the end of a hose, that reduces the stream and increases the pressure of the water leaving the tube. Pressure washers use electric or gas motors with a water pump to artificially increase the pressure of water coming from your hose. This water is so powerful it can be used to remove leaves, caked on dirt, paint, and even damage stone.

When you use a pressure washer, remember that it can remove bark from trees and cut skin. This (and the fact many people do not own pressure washers) is a good reason to seek professional assistance. Wood and vinyl siding will hold up to pressure washing, but aluminum might dent unless you use a very low setting. Often the machine’s pressure is set to one constant setting, and you need to use a different nozzle to control the intensity of the wash.

Asphalt and concrete hold up well to pressure washing. You can also remove dust and pollen from windows, wash decks, and clear gutters before winter rain and snow fill them up.Pressure Wash

Some people attempt to pressure wash their roofs to remove moss and other debris. This is dangerous, can damage tiles and is not recommended. There are alternative ways to remove moss such as using a bleach/water mixture.

Regular maintenance throughout the year will keep paint lasting longer, cause less damage to wood and keep your property looking clean and beautiful. We at Great Expectations Painting are confident we can pressure wash whatever you need in this fall season.