Proper Fence Care: An Epilogue

We’ve finally come full circle to proper fence care! After all that hard work preparing, staining, and sealing your fence, its finally time to sit back and enjoy it! Well done, drink some lemonade and relax. Make sure and check out HGTV’s great serious on fence care as well!

There are several things you will want to do to take care of your fence.

  1. Fence careUse wood preservative spray. We’ve all seen it: your neighbors fence that starts to rot, then inevitably falls down. Wood warping as it ages is a natural (and alas, unstoppable) scenario. The rot however, is a different story. There are tons of products on the product designed to help keep out the rot! They basically work like wax on a car. Once the fence is coated, it won’t absorb water and it will resist direct sunlight. Adding a fence preserver will add years to your fence lifetime!
  2. Wash it off once in a while! We can’t overstate the value of the occasional power washing! By washing off any buildup on your fence, it helps stop dirt and grime adhering to your fence. Make sure and pressure wash during the daytime so your fence has plenty of time to dry in the sun!
  3. Keep the grass back! We’re all lazy from time to time. The bottom of your fence needs to be clear or any debris or plants. You want any of the material that comes in contact with the fence to be moisture resistant, so keep that grass away! Best bet is to dig out the bottom of your fence, and CAREFULLY round up the base of the fence. After you put in the effort once, it should just require touch up in the following years!

That briefly covers so finder points of fence care. If you have any other questions, or didn’t follow our guide and need fence repair, contact us today for a 100% FREE estimate! To read more from our fencing series, check out the archives here!