Garage floors can be one of the ugliest, stained and overlooked surfaces in your home. Beat up by your car and its fluids, defiled by lawn equipment, abused by tire remnants, your garage flooring needs protection to provide it with a long lasting life. Consider cleaning things up by covering up those stains with a fresh coat of paint. Turn it from an old eyesore to a new sight to see. Painting you garage floor is an easy way to make it look great while keeping it clean.

There are Several Benefits

Ditch the dust; unfinished concrete is a dust factory, covering every item in your garage and then being tracked inside your home. Fix the issue with a common coat of paint. Also, because bare concrete absorbs light, painted surfaces offer light reflections that brighten your garage. Painting you garage floor will lighten and brighten without increasing your use of electricity. Adding coatings of any kind to your garage floor will enhance the look and add years to the life of your flooring.

Keep up with Cleaning

Keep up with Cleaning

An unpainted garage floor is dirty. And as it ages and deteriorates, it becomes more and more difficult to clean. The smooth surface of a painted garage floor collects much less dirt. It also makes it easier to clean when cleaning needs to be done.

Protecting against pollutants

Concrete is porous and absorbs things such as oil, chemicals, rust, grease, mold and mildew. Depending on the paint you choose to put on your garage surface, you can minimize or prevent the adhesion of these pollutants.

Personalize the space

Personalize the space

The first step you need to take before completing your project is to learn about your different options. Before you identify which type of seal you are going to buy consider how the surface will be used and what you need to protect it against. Will you be parking your car in the garage? Will you be using it for storage or work projects? Are you looking for the right product for your basement? Identifying the answers to these questions will help guide you as you choose the best option for your floor. Following are multiple paint varieties available for coating your garage floor. The steps to complete the work using any of these products is very similar

Latex Acrylic paint- is a medium floor protection at a small price and comes in a variety of colors. Latex acrylics offer mold, mildew, and water resistance. However, Latex acrylic paint may not hold up to car fluids. Because of this it is a great, low-cost option for basements and garages used for storage.

One-Part Epoxy- costs a few more dollars per gallon than using straight latex paint. Using one-part epoxy instead of just a latex paint offers increased durability. You can also add acrylic paint chips as a finishing touch to add anti-skid results and more color and texture. One-part epoxy resists mold, mildew, and water. It is also dustless and more resistant to auto fluids than latex paint. This is a great option for work spaces and can be used for garages that store cars, though it is not the highest quality option available.
Two-part epoxy- is more expensive than one-part epoxy but is also the most durable option. It is called two-part because you mix the two parts together to create a chemical reaction before application which bonds the epoxy to the floor better than with the one-part or latex paint options. Two part epoxy provides the greatest durability and protection of all the options. As with one-part epoxy, you can add paint chips to for more color and texture to the final products.

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