Siding Repair Tips: Secrets

There are tons of secrets that contractors have found throughout the ages. Most of the time, they filter these secrets between themselves, hoping to keep the DIY-er types guessing. Its almost like a secret club, and once your a member, you get to know all the secrets! Or, you can just read the Great Expectations Painting Blog! We provide tons of great secrets for free! Here are a few for siding repair:

Repairing Vinyl Siding

SecretsEveryone hates vinyl siding. A nifty idea of the 2000’s (like Butterfinger BB’s and Surge) Vinyl siding eventually gets brittle and starts to crack. It looks terrible, and is very expensive to replace. When our owners ask us to repair the vinyl, we purchase COLOR MATCHED CAuLK. The inventors of vinyl knew it would need repair work, and built in a fail safe! By calking over the damage (usually from screws or nails being removed) you get a great clean finish, that is only noticeable under close inspection. Color matched caulk isn’t even very expensive, and lasts just as long as the “good stuff.” Another great vinyl siding secret is the zip tool. Available at any hardware store for like five bucks, a zip tool is perfect for sliding between the bottom edges of the siding.  It makes popping them off a dream instead of a chore! It also never breaks the siding (which typically is already cracked). Best five bucks ever, you can trust us!

Repairing Wood Siding

SecretsAHH! At least you don’t have vinyl! Wood siding is infinitely superior to vinyl, and painting it makes your home completely fresh every few years. Love it! Sometimes (especially in North Idaho) your siding edges will start to fade and get waterlogged, and after waiting long enough straight up being to rot. A Disaster you think! Not in the slightest because were giving you the secrets! First, you need to carefully evaluate the boards. You only need to replace boards that HAVE ROTTED! If they are just wet or “look” wet, we will be able to sand them back to perfection. A careful inspection will save you time and a lot of extra effort replacing non damaged wood! Second, you need to CUT OFF the nails. Most siding damage occurs when your pulling the nails out! Avoid the matter entirely but just hacksawing them off. Your going to use new ones anyways! Make sure to carefully discard the heads, since they can become weapons of mass destruction in a lawn mower! Thirdly, make sure and stagger the joints. Straight lines are not your friend with siding! Staggering helps seal the wood, and it looks more uniform over your house. Remove the rotted boards, install the new ones and your are golden!

Next installment we will cover sealing and protecting your siding for long term beauty! See you then!