Ahhh…Spring in Coeur d’Alene

Spring is in the air!Finally (although last week’s freezing cold rain didn’t help) the green of spring is coming back to Coeur d’Alene. After such a cold winter that lingered on way longer then should have been legal, the birds are starting to sing again!

During our normal winters, if we’re honest, we always take a minute to wonder why we live here. When that really cold wind kicks down through Canada, and your life is in danger each time you go outside, I always have a tinge of regret. My mind wanders to things nice and toasty. Fireplaces, the sun, Arizona, and I begin to warm up a bit and forget that tundra outside. But then, I recall how seasons work and the fire gets a bit hot closer to summer. Living in Arizona is closely akin to living in a stove, but much less pretty. As I reflect back on my dream turned nightmare, I quickly shuffle outside. All of of sudden the tundra of earlier has become a winter wonderland! There is best in the world skiing, snowmobiling, and just driving down the street in a snow storm! Christmas carols start to come to mind as I prep for another great day in Northern Idaho.

Thats the thing about living up here.

When it all comes to brass tacks, there is no better place to live then the Pacific Northwest! With our outdoor activities, friendly communities, and great weather there isn’t much reason to move somewhere else. The wildlife “wildlifing,” birds singing, and water flowing all get my heart pumping! Idaho is great!

Now, Back to Spring.

Ignoring my previous rabbit trail, (spring makes my mind wander) I am so excited for our next season! With four clearly defined seasons, you can plan differently for each one. Painting kicks in to high gear early spring as we lean towards personal spring cleaning. A good thorough pressure washing of your home will help as you prepare for your own personal cleaning and while your at it, give some thought to having your home painted. The season is right, and we make it super affordable.

As we start to get our of winter mode, don’t forget to let the sun in and the spring time air flow. You wont regret it!