Great news! Even though you would never know it from the look of things outside, spring will be here soon! With the warmer weather come dreams of boating, summer food, and hanging out outside! Somewhere in the back of your mind (past the excited-ness) lies the coming dread of spring cleaning! You have already put it off until now and your not sure how much longer it can be avoided! Don’t worry! The Great Expectations Painting team is here to help! Whether you are hoping to get a nice new coat of paint, or clean out that moldy bathroom, here are a few tips to get you going!

  1. Make a list. Its easy to hang out and drink a beer rather then actually starting to clean. Avoid the complacency by making a complete list of all the jobs you need to do! It will help you figure out exactly how long the cleaning will take, and helps provide great motivation!
  2. Start with the jobs you like best. There isn’t a good reason to the the crummy jobs first! Start with an easy appealing one, and work your way towards less “desirable” jobs.
  3. Spring will be here soon!Make completion rewarding. When your in the thick of cleaning, nothing will make you feel more motivated then rewarding progress! Want a tasty dinner at that new sushi restaurant? Maybe a foot massage from your significant other? Have a reward jar full of different gifts to yourself and pick one each time you complete a spring cleaning job. You will be shocked how exciting it can be to win!
  4. Have fun with the kids. Now, we all love to pawn jobs off on our kids, its part of their lot in life. Make spring cleaning fun for the family! Take a weekend, and make up a great game to see who can get the most projects done. Or have a board on the wall and an eventual completion reward that everyone will want to win! Getting the family together to complete the work will help make a big dent in the leftover cleaning from last year!

When looking towards spring and the cleaning it brings, just keep in mind our few helpful tips and the whole family will enjoy warming up and getting work done!