Summer is finally here and its time for summer painting tips!

Summer Painting TipsAfter a long cold winter, the sun is finally shining and its time for summer painting tips! This weekend in hayden and Coeur d’Alene, the temp is going to tip the scales to temperatures around 95 degrees! While a little warmer then my taste would dictate, I definitely approve of the heat rather then freezing anymore! Weather always provides different challenges for interior and exterior painting! I often get asked for my best tips about ventilation, paint choices, and weather “avoidance.” Here are a few tips for hot weather painting that should help your job go a little bit more smoothly! As always, I am more then happy to answer any questions you may have, so feel free to email me!

  1. Make sure and check the weather! Mother Nature, so often our very loved friend, is a little bit less loving when it comes to painting! The heat (other then the working which is very difficult) helps to dry the paint, but in extreme temperatures (over 90 degrees) you will get some blisters because the paint doesn’t have enough time to set. Humidity brings its own set of problems. Even with amazing new technology in paint development, it still doesn’t stick to water/wetness/dampness/notgunnahappen. You CAN’T paint in the humidity! Don’t try it! Wait for a positive weather forecast and paint when Mother Nature dictates!
  2. Don’t be cheap! At Great Expectations Painting, we never charge a profit on paint or supplies, so believe us when we say BUY QUALITY PAINT! The technological developments in paint the last 5 years have been amazing! The colors, vibrancy, and longevity of paints across the board have all increased exponentially. It is worth every penny to buy high quality paint. They typically include additives and color protectors that inferior paint don’t include. More expensive paint is a safe and great investment!
  3. Don’t skimp on the prep work. Part of what’s great about summer painting is how easy it is to get peeling paint off your house! The high heat tenets to “help” the removal process! Keep in mind that if you don’t remove all the peeling, your new paint won’t stick! Stop any potential painting disasters by doing a thorough job of old paint removal! You will be glad you did!
  4. Combine cans of paint. A real rookie mistake in painting, whether interior or exterior, is not combining paints! As you get to the bottom of a gallon of paint, make sure and add an additional gallon! By combining paint, you will keep any differences in color invisible since the paint blending will cover any mistakes! A real pro tip!
  5. Always paint downwards! To avoid streaks and drips, always start painting at the top of the room, and gradually move downwards. This helps avoid drips, streaks, and in general looks much more professional. This is especially true when using a roller!
  6. Summer Painting TipsExterior painting: Prep the landscaping! I can’t tell you how many times my DIY friends forget to cover their plants! Painting is incredibly messy by nature, and you need to COVER YOUR NATURE! Make sure your plants and trees are covered with canvas so your paint doesn’t ruin them!
  7. Use the proper sheen. These days, there are several different sheens to choose from when picking paint for your interior or exterior painting job! You can read more about which sheen to pick here. Make sure the sheen you pick is appropriate for the job, interior or exterior application, and your lifestyle!

That’s a few of the important summer painting tips to remember! Don’t forget to have fun, and PREP PREP PREP! Summer painting tips are only helpful if you use them!

This year, don’t forget to enjoy some time on the lakes, and happy painting! For more great exterior painting articles, check out our archives here!