Color consulting is one of the more interesting aspects of the painting business. Most people consider The Art of Color Consulting!painters to be “big, tough” kind of guys but hang on there! We have hearts too! What colors you choose to paint your home and rooms carry very distinct moods and feelings. As a color consultant, Zach wants to help you define each different color in your space to help maximize your good emotions! Color consulting is a deeply physiological skill that many companies maximize as part as their marketing campaigns. McDonalds is a great example of physiological colorization. In the same way, specific colors elicit different moods and emotions in your home. Before making the drastic step of painting a whole room dark green (pro tip: don’t) or painting the ceiling pink (another pro tip: don’t) and the walls red give us a call! Secretly, Zach is well versed in the art of color consulting, and loves to give out free tips towards painting your home a psychologically esthetic color! In case your a bit nervous to call for our free, no obligation quote here are a few great tips about color consulting!

  1. Participation is key. When you hire a color consultant, one of our primary concerns is YOUR style and personality. We want to make sure that the colors in your home match your distinct taste. If your not sure what your specific style is we will help to define the colors that will best fit you and your home.
  2. Your Personality is key. Arguably the most important part of color consulting is analyzing you. The coloring of your home is intensely personal and we want to ensure we get it right! From the first time you give us a call, we will be working with you to define your color-personality.
  3. Timing is key. A typical 3-4 bedroom home analysis takes about 4 hours full process. Color consulting is not a lengthy process it is a delicate one! Once we define the palette, picking the physical colors is fast and painless.
  4. Planning is key. On our first visit, be ready to start picking colors! Zach typically has a handful of neutral palette colors to check out through your house. When we schedule our appointment, be ready to start working right away!

The Art of Color Consulting!These are just a few tips, but remember the process is about YOU! We want to define your home as uniquely yours. We won’t force favorite or trendy colors on you. Zach will try and find timeless colorations that will make furnishing a breeze. While often overlooked as part of the painting process, taking the time to talk color can make a huge difference in your happiness at home! Give us a call! Zach loves color matching and it helps with painting! Also, check out our other great web resources here.