Winter is Coming! Winterizing your Deck.

Winterizing your DeckWith the cold weather incoming, its time to start winterizing your deck. Here’s a few tips for properly taking care of your deck though the winter months!

  1. Store all your furniture. Your deck doesn’t want all that crap left on it all winter! Thoroughly clean, and remove your deck furniture. This will ensure you don’t get awkward color spots on the exterior surface of your deck. It will also help the deck coating (stain, clear coat, etc.) last substantially longer! Trust us, ditch the tiki lamps!
  2. Store your plants. Kind of a “duh” but make sure and more any of your plants inside! Aside from killing your plants, leaving them outside will damage your deck coatings by not allowing proper ventilation to the deck surface.
  3. Perform an inspection. Once all your summer junk is removed, make sure and inspect the deck for damage. This can be done while you pressure wash the surface. Look for any chipping stain or obvious missing clear-coat. It is also a great time to make sure there isn’t any rotting wood in place! By doing a simple inspection, you can save yourself a TON of stress through the winter time!
  4. Winterizing your DeckOn the note of pressure washing. Make sure and CLEAN your deck. The product itself doesn’t really matter, just make sure to lightly scrub the deck, paying extra attention to the spaces between the wood. This will remove all the dust and grime, and help better set your winterizing products adhere to the deck surface.
  5. Apply Repellents. In the past several years, many new cool deck products have started hitting the market. If you haven’t recently sealed your deck, or it has lost some of that bright shiny luster, consider trying out a water repellent product. They are affordable, and help with snow removal during the winter months!
  6. Snow Removal. I would love to tell you after properly winterizing your deck, you can just leave it, however you need to keep snow from accumulating all year. Aside from putting undue stress on your decks support structure, snow will wreak havoc on the surface of your deck. The constant barrage of moisture speeds up rot and also damages your clear coat/stain. When the snow starts piling high, just take a few minutes and give it a good push! Winterizing your deck will add years of life and happy living to your home! Good luck, and don’t freeze to death!