How successful your exterior painting job will be strongly relies on good preparation. exterior paintingThere are several things that you can do to prepare your house for painting. Following these simple steps will make the paint last longer, and your home stay beautiful!

1.Pressure wash the exterior of your home. We often take care of this step for our clients, and we include the price in the estimates! You want to ensure you use a detergent to remove dirt, and make sure you use a nozzle that won’t damage your house. Ensuring you use a mildew removing agent also adds lifetime to the new paint.

2.Scrape remaining paint off the exterior. If there is paint that has come looks and is peeling, make sure and remove the peeled paint. This will help the new paint to adhere to the wood of your home, and last longer.

3.Repair surface flaws. The big box stores carry putty for damaged exterior wood. It looks very Exterior Paintingprofessional and provides better paint adhesion. Taking care of any damage is one of the steps that will pay big dividends long term and helps stop paint from peeling!

4.Remove damaged caulk. Aside from being unattractive, old caulking can leak and allow water damage around windows and doors. Removing the old caulking will create a new seal and stop future water damage! It also looks great and comes in a large variety of colors. Home Depot carries a large selection and should have the right caulk for the job!

5.If needed, re-putty windows and glazing. MAKE SURE IT DRIES! This will help keep any cracks from developing in window frames.

6.Protect your plants! Use drop cloths to ensure you do not spray any paint on your plants! Aside from being bad for them, it looks really sloppy!

These are just a few simple steps to ensure your painting job looks great. If you are considering a painting job, and want a FREE NO HASSLE estimate of how much the job will cost, just email, text or call me! You will be shocked by our reasonable rates! Let us help you with your exterior painting project this year!