Painting is often thought of as an exclusively summertime job. Nobody wants to be outside painting their (or a client’s) home or office in the snow, rain, and cold. There are other painting jobs to be done, however. The inside! Interior Painting In The Fall or winter can be quite successfully done for a variety of reasons. Let’s get started

Interior Painting In The Fall?Humidity

Humidity is a huge problem for paint. It’s actually one of the biggest drawbacks to summer painting in some areas. In order for the paint to actually adhere to a wall and stick around, it needs to evaporate. Humid air has a ton of water particles in it and slows this process down to a crawl. Watching paint dry just got even more boring. This isn’t as big of a problem when painting indoors, but humid air outside definitely leads to more humid air inside without proper ventilation for the area you’re painting; an additional cost. Most days during the winter (again, depending on your region) are less humid and can even be pleasantly dry. Water getting into the paint as it dries can also result in cracking and peeling in the finished product.

Temperature is another factor when it comes to how paint dries and applies. The ideal paint job is done between 49 degrees and 100 degrees Celsius. The paint will dry more slowly below 49 degrees and will dry too quickly above 100, resulting in bubbling and cracking. Interior Painting In The Fall?We’re not very likely to have to worry about that top end during the winter time, but if your home is chilled below 49 degrees it may be time to turn on the heater. This costs money, sure, but that brings us to our final reason for why you should plan to paint the interior of your home in the winter.


It is likely to be much cheaper than a summer paint job. Most painting is scheduled to be done during the summer, and painters are going to be booked solid. Scheduling a painting for the winter fills in the normally empty part of the year, and does both the customer and contractor a favor. If you need some quality paint job recommendations click here, or here.
If you’ve been looking to get some interior painting done, you don’t have to wait until next summer! Save it for vacations or just some fun in the sun.